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Hunwut Clothing is a Native American owned and operated store. Hunwut means Bear in Luiseño, my Native Language. Growing up playing basketball many elders called me Hunwut because of my size and power, so this is why the bear is an essential aspect in my designs and brand logo.

Why did I start this business? I started Hunwut Clothing because as I am finishing my 9th season of playing basketball overseas; I’ve noticed an increase in interest about my native roots by fans and followers. I tell them where I come from and my story about living on the reservation which surprises them.

Furthermore, they usually ask for a souvenir or item that represents Native Americans. So that’s why I decided to create these designs and sell them to my fans and followers so that they can have a little bit of Native American culture with them always, and also a reminder of the stories and conversations we have had. 

In conclusion this business is a jump start to future endeavors, in which I pledge to increase my contributions and provide knowledge to the Native youth and minorities in my community.

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